Website frontend

Files for the Tasso in Music Project (TMP) website are hosted on github at:

The website is served through Github pages and uses jekyll to compile the website from the source files.

Javascript tools


ATON is a hierarchical data format for storing most metadata for the TMP website, with conversions in and out of JSON. It allows multi-line content as well as comments within the data. Most of the metadata for the website is stored in this format.


Jekyll uses a templating system called liquid to create static content for the website. Dynamic content is created using Handlebars templates. For example the list of works on the page are created from the JSON work index using Handlebars to generate HTML content within a user’s web browser.


Variorum is a web interface for displaying textual variants, developed by Raffaele Viglianti at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.


Vega-Lite is a javascript data plotting library that is used on some analysis pages such as for the histograms plots display on the pitch-class analysis page and the publication date analysis page.


Verovio is an SVG music notation renderer developed primarily by Laurent Pugin at the Swiss office of RISM. The humlib library is embedded within verovio and is used to process and analyze the Humdrum scores for the website as well as convert the scores into the MEI format for rendering in verovio.

Digital scores

The repository of digital scores used on the TMP website:


Metadata index used on the website:

This data is used to search on the Browse page, as well as display most information about scores such as on the Work pages. The JSON data is constructed from the ATON data files found in the website source code on github.